Arrival and well-being At the Hotel Kindler 2.0

Your flexible retreat in the heart of Leoben.
Just relax and experience the city of Montan.

With sense and sensitivity

Here at the Hotel Kindler 2.0, it’s all about the mix. Namely, the mixture of digitalization and personal service, of modernity and nostalgia, of a central location in the heart of Leoben and absolute tranquility. It is the next generation of a family-led hotel, that is steadily improving by using innovative technology, without losing it´s charm.

Our hotelomat Ariane and our Concierge droid Pepper will greet you in the entrance area. You can stock the minibar in your room at your discretion.


Self-Check-In Experience

You won´t be left on your own unless you want to. You can book your room online, check-in at the hotelomat, be greeted by our hotel droid or simply enjoy your stay at our Hotel Kindler 2.0. Should you prefer a more personal approach, our team is always available to support you.

If you decide to give the self-check-in option at our Hotel Kindler 2.0 a chance – our hotelomat Ariane and our cute concierge apprentice droid pepper are looking forward to meeting you.

What´s new at Hotel Kindler

There is always something going on in our house. Just klick through our news to stay up to date. That way you will never miss any event.

Your room

No matter if you book a single or double room – you are going to enjoy your stay in a bright, friendly room with nostalgic and comfortable furniture granting you the optimal contrast to the ongoing digitalization.

May we introduce: Pepper

Our droid concierge apprentice knows our breakfast times, helps you with finding opportunities to eat out, may have a dance with you in the lobby or entertain you with jokes that bad, that one simply has to laugh about them.

Restaurant recommendations

The Hotel Kindler 2.0 is located straight at the centre of Leoben city. But it is also located in the center of Styria and is therefore ideal for exploring this province and its beauties. It´s surrounded by fine restaurants and cafés that offer a variety of local, traditional or modern food. Just try them out – you´ll be delighted!