New mountain bike trails in Leoben

With the start of the 2023 biking season, three new mountain bike trails will be available in Leoben. A new trail has also been decided and will be implemented quickly.

Many of our guests are in Leoben for business reasons and often spend several days, sometimes weeks at Hotel Kindler 2.0. At the latest, now that the days are getting longer again, the question often arises: what to do when the workday has still left some energy?
One of the answers: mountain biking!

With the routes LE01 and LE02 there were also in the past two legal MTB routes around Leoben. But due to the length and the altitude meters, both are only conditionally suitable for the quick round after work.
As of now, however, there are interesting new possibilities:

  • 3 new routes from Leoben-Seegraben to the surrounding mountains (interactive map)
  • 1 new trail from Pambichler Warte to Massenburg (approved, not yet built).

You can reach the starting point of the 3 new mountain bike trails from the hotel in less than 10 minutes. The easiest way is to go from the main square down to the Asia Spa, pass the ice rink and cross the river Mur at the power station. At the end of the bridge, turn right and then immediately left up the ramp to the road. Follow the road until the traffic light, there you turn left over the bridge. Now another sharp right turn and on your left you will find the miner’s monument. Here you will also find an overview board with the released new routes.

The Himbergeck is one of the most beautiful viewpoints around Leoben. The descent can be combined with the existing route LE02 and made correspondingly entertaining.

The Veitsbergrunde is the ideal after-work round – short and crisp.

The crossing into the Tollinggraben opens up further bike kilometers and, above all, a stop at the Buschenschank of the Apfelmaier family (note opening times).

On the way back to the hotel, there is still time for a cool Gösser beer on the main square. There you will always meet like-minded people in front of Zwanger, Arkadenhof, Segafredo or Stadtcafe.

By the way, you can keep your bike safe in our bike room during the day. Everything is also ready for a quick repair or a wash after the tour. Your room card also locks the bike room.

The mountain bike offers in and around Leoben (including map) can be found on the website of the city of Leoben.

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